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Marcus Woon is a well-known professional personal trainer with 10 years of experience at a numbered of gym center. Even he is strong and healthy, long training and working hours began to made him felt exhausted, physically and mentally.

[Men] are always being expected to be able to carry heavy burdens and all things in life. Over time, pressure is formed invisibly, then starting to feel powerless with all sort of challenges in life, and physical strength is not as before. [EROJAN] letting you to replenish your energy and strength!

Wellous on TV8 Chinese News. Immunity is the body's first line of protection. Only with a strong immune system, the body will not be easily defeated by any germs. During this period, Wellous is very glad to be able to help people in maintaining a good state of health through its specialized health foods. [IMUGLO] The elderberry health drink contains three world-class patented extracts, ElderCraft® European elderberry, Maritech®️ Fucoidan and PureWay-C™️ Vitamin C, which are essentials for your health protection.