Malaysia Promotion August 2022

M-COLL Marine Collagen

Collagen Candy

M-COLL is a marine collagen extracted from deep-sea fish. It also contains natural antioxidants such as strawberries, oranges, grapes and oats. Combination of collagen with strong antioxidants formulated with Vitamin A, C, E, can help whiten skin, remove dark spots and improve uneven skin tone. What separates M-COLL from other collagen products in the market today is that it was produced to be of a lower molecular weight, namely just 1,000 daltons, while most other supplements of the same kind contain 3,000-300,000 daltons. M-COLL has a high absorption rate while others are of the low type.


Fish Collagen, Strawberry Powder, Grape Powder, Orange Powder, Wheat Flakes

Direction for use:

2 tablets before breakfast
( 1 Bottle 60 tablets )

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