Relazz is a ready-to-drink botanical beverage that can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality for a better life and future.

Moveon Joint Restoring Beverage - Goh Liu Ying Interview

Moveon Joint Restoring Beverage is here to provide you with a comprehensive solution!

Zenso is rich in black vinegar with a fermentation history of more than 100 years, which can achieve a healthy weight under the premise of health!

What are the items in Zenso?

Zenso Healthy Weight Management Series. Why is it so unique? All because it has Japanese "Black Vinegar"!

FRUSSO is a healthy drink rich in dietary fiber and prebiotics. Its main function is to help in defecation and maintain the health of the intestines.

Marcus Woon is a well-known professional personal trainer with 10 years of experience at a numbered of gym center. Even he is strong and healthy, long training and working hours began to made him felt exhausted, physically and mentally.

Estrogen is the Female Hormone that makes a woman becomes a woman from head to toe. It helps to maintain the Health, Femininity and Fertility of a women.

Pueraria Mirifica is commonly used in maintaining a woman's health. Pueraria Mirifica contains phytochemical, Miroestrol, which is very beneficial to the female.

LIVEON Reviving DNA, Wellous's blockbuster product of the year, the natural revitalizing essence for your blissful diary! So, who needs LIVEON?

When it comes to ageing, who fears the most? Men or Women? Ageing is a process of becoming older, it affects our body biologically, psychologically and the strength to socialize.

Many of us are looking for ways to stay young and although you can’t stop the clock, so why not try to help your body act younger than your chronological age, by following a few basic steps towards a longevity lifestyle by finding ways to stay youthful with a positive attitude and to embrace healthy habits!

Maitake is a form of Mushroom and it is also known as the 'dancing mushroom' as people dance of happiness upon finding it in the wild.

Known as Wakame or Mekabu, it is primarily found in brown seaweed extract, it is a edible seaweed that grows in pristine ocean waters of Patagonia and Tasmonia. In nature, fucoidan protects the seaweed against UV Rays and Marine-Borne pathogens. It is highly acetylated and rich in galactose.

Tigrox Imuglo, a conscientious botanical beverage, mainly formulated to boost your immune system. It contains 3 world-patented essences which are ElderCraft® Elderberry extract, Maritech® Fucoidan extract and PureWay-C™ Vitamin C with higher absorption rate and greater effect in immunity boosting! Tigrox Imuglo creates an invisible protective shield for you today!

Everyone knows about Immune System, but do you understand how it really works in your body? Immune System is like a Firewall for human body, when it's weakened, it will not be as strong to fight against pathogens such as Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites that enters into our body. Great responsibility lies in your very hands in order to Stay Health, Stay Safe and to Maintain a strong immune system.

Frusso contains the strongest fiber which can supply the sufficient amount of fiber that we need, to promote digestion and intestinal health! Therefore, let’s the experiment video that we have done for Frusso, to investigate how does Frusso work on us!

Digestion happens at the moment when we swallow our food into our stomach, and the absorption of nutrition starts when it reaches in our small intestine.

FRUSSO contains soluble fiber, which is Fibersol-2 and Psyllium Husk, whereas for the insoluble fiber, we have the Palm Fiber. What are the benefits of the fiber in FRUSSO? It helps to stimulate and maintain bowel movement, creates a healthy intestinal environment and more!

What is FRUSSO? It is a fruity fiber powdered detox beverage, which contains of high fiber content. The strongest fiber Fibersol-2 with adhesive function to accumulate cholesterol, fats, carbohydrates and toxins to be excreted out from the body. It is suitable for people who have long-term constipation, people who like to eat meat, suffer from indigestion, who want to keep fit and healthy. FRUSSO includes 4 fruity flavors which are lemon, passion fruits, peach and mango.

There are countless bacteria in our gut system, they need food to continue their work, right? That's why Prebiotic takes place, they are food for probiotics, a good bacteria, enhancing the numbers and the variety of probiotics, which promotes a healthier gut.

In our diet plans, why do we need both soluble and insoluble fibers together? If we don't, what is the long-term effect of lacking dietary fiber?

LIVEON, the ultimate breakthrough in the world of anti-ageing! Achieve youthful and revitalized skin and body from the inside out with the world-class age-reversing beverage LIVEON! Discover the power in the anti-oxidation, anti-glycation and anti-inflammation formulation of LIVEON in the video above!

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is one of the serious health problem. What are the healthy practise and habits could lower the risk of getting CHD? Dr. Amir, Wellous Medical Advisor is going to share what should be done to lower down the risk of CHD. Watch the video!

The compact pace of life of modern people, coupled with work pressure, indirectly affect health and extends various diseases. At that time, it will not only be a burden on health, but also a financial burden! The so-called 'Prevention is always better than cure', Wellous newly launched Tigrox series of Homega fish oil + vitamin K2 & D3. Malaysia's first fish oil with Vitamin K2 & D3 combination, giving you the most comprehensive formula to improve your healthy life!

Did you know our heart beats 100,000 times a day? The newly launched product from Wellous under Tigrox series, HOMEGA Fish Oil + Vitamin K2 & D3. The first fish oil product in Malaysia with 3 essential ingredients for your heart!

Are you also bothered by annoying bowel problems? Long-term use of traditional remedies or doctor visits but still yet to see any improvement? Hectic lifestyle and lack of exercises are the common reasons of health problems. Aemis Probiome, a formula specially tailored for Asians, lets watch the video about the testimonials.

Through the interview session with several office ladies, it shows that most of them used the fastest way to soothe the menstrual pain, such as taking pain killer. Women has to go through menstrual pain almost every month and it could affects daily routines. Menstrual pain could be caused by uterine dysplasia, estrogen imbalance, hectic life.

NOVIA, specially for women's wellbeing, the first product from Femoire series, perfectly formulated for women aged 20 to 35. Its ingredient Saffron is originated from Greece with more than 3,000 years of medical history, Saffron is the world's most expensive spices, which is rich in antioxidants that can help to repair cell damage, to ease pre-period symptoms syndrome and period discomfort, lower cholesterol level and prevents blood vessels from clogging. Studies show that Saffron can also help to ease anxiety and depression. Furthermore, other ingredients such as Manjakani and Kacip Fatimah, could comprehensively promotes ovary health and hormones, delaying aging and improving skin condition and elasticity.

Aemis PROBIOME probiotics come from the authoritative UAS Labs research institute in the United States. Dr. Greg Leyer, the chief probiotic expert, the only probiotic facility in the world that has exclusive probiotic facilities, and adopts world-class top fermentation facility patented technology Strain to Solution. A total of 76 research reports over 40 years have created the world-class best probiotics bacteria.

What are Prebiotics & Probiotics? How are they benefit our health? Dr Chai, Wellous Food and Microbiology Advisor will detailly explains about what are Prebiotics & Probiotics in this video. The newly launched Aemis series PROBIOME, a synbiotic formulated of 2️0 billion CFU of viable probiotics to improves adult's gut and overall health. It is highly suitable for those who are having gut problems, suffering from chronic constipation, excessive processed foods, high frequency of outside food consumption, and weak nutrients absorptions.

Wellous Scientific & Researcher, Dr Jezamine covers a few tips of the development and importance of stronger immune system to making sure that our children and ourself are growing Healthy, Strong and On-Track.

Wellous on TV8 Chinese News. Immunity is the body's first line of protection. Only with a strong immune system, the body will not be easily defeated by any germs. During this period, Wellous is very glad to be able to help people in maintaining a good state of health through its specialized health foods. [IMUGLO] The elderberry health drink contains three world-class patented extracts, ElderCraft® European elderberry, Maritech®️ Fucoidan and PureWay-C™️ Vitamin C, which are essentials for your health protection.

'Selamat Datang ke [ Stesen Kesihatan WELLOUS ]' This is just like the slogan of Wellous ~ 'Your Health, We Care'

Have you ever heard of Tiger Milk Mushroom? Have you ever seen it before? Thanks to Wellous Medical Advisor, Dr. Amir for explaining health benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom and its nutritional values. Let’s watch the video together and learn more!

Proudly announce Dr. Amir Farid, the onboarding of Wellous as a Medical Advisor, to guide about more with research and evidence-based scientific information. As a consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and a Health Columnist for The Sunday Star for over 10-year experience. Let's hear out what are shared by Dr. Amir.

Congratulations to Wellous for winning the Golden Bull Award once again. Wellous won the Taiwan Golden Bull Award Emerging Award before the end of 2020! This award is to recognize Asia-Pacific brands who have established outstanding achievements while reaching international standards in a short period of time. With this honourable award, Wellous will be holding on the positive energy while striking for bigger achievement in the new year! Such glory also represents dedication of people behind the scene. Thank you to every Wellous's member for their hard work in product development, and also appreciate every customer for their support towards Wellous' products. Upholding the similar philosophy, Wellous will continue to bring health to everyone in the most convenient way!

Dr Jezamine shared her 2 popsicles recipes with a special combination of KidAone ElderBerry + COLOSTRUM.

Malaysia's No. 1 Tiger Milk Mushroom Health Drink 'TIGROX TIGER MILK KING', a surprise entry to Malaysia’s largest online variety show [Funhub TV]

S-GLOW [Hair + Skin + Nail] 3 in 1 mysterious beauty care formula, allowing you to radiate the beauty in 360 degrees, make sure you look beautiful from head to toe!

[Men] are always being expected to be able to carry heavy burdens and all things in life. Over time, pressure is formed invisibly, then starting to feel powerless with all sort of challenges in life, and physical strength is not as before. [EROJAN] letting you to replenish your energy and strength!

Wellous won the Quality Health Care Professional Award ~ '2020 Nanyang Superb Brand Award'. Wellous is committed to finding the best quality of raw materials from all over the world, developing the best health products that are most in line with modern people's living habits with quality assurance.

What is the most important thing in your life as parents? Wellous is glad to have invited 6 mothers and their lovely kids to join an interview regarding their parenthood. Noticed that mothers always wish for nothing but for their kids to grow up healthily and happily. Opinions towards KidAone ElderBerry + COLOSTRUM are also shared by the parents, they commented that these ingredients are not only rare but also hard to find in the market.

LIVEON REVIVING DNA ~ Age-defying Anti-sugar Drink, is widely loved by the friends in the entertainment industry. Malaysian Radio DJ OneFM William, Malaysian Host Jan Chin, Malaysian TV Host Xiao Yu and the well-known Malaysian Artist Rickman Chia, are all recommending LIVEON.

Congratulations to Chrystina Ng’s 988 radio program for winning the second quarter of 2020 'The most popular Chinese Radio Program'. She is so vigorous and energetic. How does she maintain it? Listen to Chrystina sharing with you about her LIVEON REVIVING DNA experience.

Wellous Scientific & Research Advisor, Dr. Jezamine sharing with you the explanations of Kid’s Immunity. Dr. Jezamine is not only a professional medical researcher, she is also a lovely wife and a mother of three beautiful kids. Therefore, it is an honor to collaborate with Dr, Jezamine to be the Wellous Scientific & Research Advisor, to come with a series of videos to explain kid’s immunity in details!

Pine bark, a national treasure from New Zealand. New Zealand is rated as one of the best countries to live in, and it is undoubtedly a good place to relax. But, did you know? New Zealand has the most suitable congenital conditions for planting pine trees, and pine bark is a hidden national treasure. Let our partners, David Giles, founder of Enzogenol®️ and Matt, chief scientist, tell you more about the benefits of Enzogenol®️ pine bark extract!

Do you know how important our lungs are? Lung is the most important organ in human respiratory system, carrying many important functions such as respiratory regulation, immune function, pulmonary circulation, hematopoietic function and so on. The national treasure of Malaysia, Tiger Milk King. The extract of Tiger Milk King can improve the overall health of the lungs! Tiger Milk King is known as 'The Rare National Treasure' It guards the human body's first line of defense and strengthen the respiratory system!

The advertisements of Tigrox Tiger Milk King and Liveon located at both lanes of Jalan Bukit Bintang, Sungei Wang Plaza & Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

[Liver] is the most important detoxification organ of the human body, mainly to maintain the overall health of the human body. LIVETAL combines Taiwan's unique national treasure-level herbal 'Antrodia Cinnamomea', it is bound to create an 'Ultimate Liver-Protecting Formula'

Proudly sending over an exciting news, Wellous has successfully established footprints across the world, in these 9 regions China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia.