D-VINE is a collagen supplement formulated with Collagen-Tripep 20 collagen tripeptide, Viqua pomegranate extract, Hytolive olive polyphenol, which are very effective on making our skin silky smooth, fair, shiny and healthy.

D-VINE's patented ingredient, Collagen-Tripep 20 can help to activate the production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body. Collagen-Tripep 20 is absorbed in the intestinal tract directly as it has the minimum unit size of 3 amino acids (glycine-proline-hydroxyproline).

Peptides are the smallest protein molecule; the size is about one per thousand proteins. Peptides are the basic unit found in all body parts of human, including hormone, nerves, reproduction and renewal, metabolism, growth, repairing cells.

The discovery and research of peptides have been awarded with 10 Nobel Prizes. Peptides can be absorbed in the cell quickly that they are called “Bio-missile”. Their absorption rate is 4 times more than normal collagen. Clinical tests proved they are able to increase hydration and skin elasticity within 6 weeks.

DVINE Benefits

  • Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Reducing Acnes
  • Making Skin Firmer & Elastic
  • Whitening & Brightening
  • Block melanin, prevent dark spot/ dark skin
  • Retention of maximum nutrients for optimum efficacy
  • Direct absorption in the intestinal tract

Who Needs?

  • Dark Skin
  • Acnes and scars
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin


  • Always read the label
  • Follow the directions for use
  • Not recommended for children under 12 years old

Main Ingredients

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  • Originated from South Korea
  • Minimum unit of collagen consists of 3 amino acids
  • Differs from conventional collagens, it is absorbed by the intestinal tract directly
  • Contains large amount of glycine, proline and hydro proline, which are the most abundant amino acids in human's skin collagen
  • Repairing damaged skin tissue as well as retaining skin moisture content
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VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract

  • Special Pomegranate, Granada Mollar De Elche from Spain
  • Rich in powerful polyphenols that are effective in anti-ageing, whitening, photoprotection and anti-acne etc
  • Acquires synergistic effect which can protect, regenerate and replenish collagen
  • Pomegranate extract encapsulated by patented ADS nanotechnology to retain higher stability and solubility of all nutrients in the formulation and higher absorption by human body
HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol Flyer Page 3

HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol

  • Technology from Spain
  • Olive extract that offers high purity of natural hydroxytyrosol which is a strong antioxidant to fight free radicals
  • High bioavailability, can be detected in the blood several minutes after consumption
  • Natural extraction method without usage of any chemical solvents
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Consume 2 tablets per day before breakfast.

( 1 Bottle 60 tablets )

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Container: 60
Serving Size: 2 Chewable Tablets
  Per Serving Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 8 380
Carbohydrate (g) 0.6 28.0
Protein (g) 1.3 67.0
Fat (g) 0.0 0.0
Calcium (mg) 0.2 10.0

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